8 Ways Coffee Helps in Weight loss

If you have ever experienced that “buzz” after drinking a cup of coffee, then you are probably unaware that the feeling can actually be connected to the weight loss effects coffee has been proven to have. Losing weight is sometimes difficult to do because you have to give up many of your favorite foods. The good news is that you don’t have to include coffee on that list.

The weight loss characteristics of coffee can go from the simple to the chemically complex. Here we will start with the commonly understood properties of coffee and finish with the somewhat more complicated facts. Both will help you understand why you can keep your coffee on a diet and even include it as a part of your weight loss regimen. Keep in mind that coffee in and of itself is not a weight loss regimen, but it does have ingredients that will work with the rest of your diet regimen to shed a few more pounds.

  1. Black coffee (hold the cream and sugar please) is healthier than virtually every other drink expect water.

We all love our sugars, whether they come from natural sources such as fruits or from the cane. When it comes to black coffee, you can use it in moderation to help you drop a few unwanted pounds. As they say, too much of a good thing is bad for you, so you should limit the amount you drink to two, maybe three, cups a day. Over-drinkers know that you can suffer from insomnia, which will stress you out and then inhibit weight loss. Also, those heart palpitations you feel are not burning off any meaningful number of calories and can cause more problems.

  1. As a way to curb your appetite.

This is not 100% but there is some research that reports that people who drink coffee don’t feel the need to eat and actually feel fuller after a cup or two of jo. The current view is that the effect is biological because caffeine has been known to make people’s palates feel satisfied for longer than many foods. You may relate to chocolate in this way since most chocolates contain a certain amount of caffeine. But coffee is obviously a better weight loss choice.

  1. As a diuretic.

Caffeine has been known to be a diuretic since the days of colas, which is why nutritionists and doctors warn against drinking too much soda. A diuretic works by causing your kidneys to release more sodium (salt) into your urine. Since salt absorbs water, you end up losing fluids in your urine with the additional sodium. There is a point where the amount of water you are drinking from the soda is removed from your body, making you even thirstier than you were before you started drinking. There may be some amount of your weight that can be lost through coffee, but it should be thought of more as a way to prevent adding water weight during your diet.

  1. By increasing the body’s metabolism.

Many people have heard about metabolism, but what exactly is it? The simplest way to understand it is the chemical processes that go on all the time that keep you moving. Specific to weight loss, the important part to remember is it affects how fast your body converts food and fat into usable body energy. The faster the conversion, the more calories your burn. The ingredient in coffee that increases metabolism? Caffeine. Its effect peaks after about three hours, which is why when people overdo it they feel all drug out. You should feel better with your weight loss regimen, not more tired.

  1. It’s an adrenaline pump.

The technical word for adrenaline is epinephrine, but most people know of this chemical hormone as adrenaline. If you have ever seen a medical show on TV you definitely have heard the word. What it does is chemically shock your body and bring you to a heightened state of alertness. To accomplish this chemical feat it requires that your body burn more calories by converting fat cells into energy, and that is where you can lose some wright.

  1. Thermogenesis.

We now wade into more scientific terms. This is actually easy to understand. Most of us know “thermo” has to do with heat, and “genesis” refers to the beginning of something. Thermogenesis is the process where the body produces heat, which is done by burning calories. The higher the thermogenesis rate of your biology, the more calories you burn.

  1. Chlorogenic acid.

Most of what has appeared on this list has to do with burning calories and slightly accelerating body processes. Cholrogenic acid is a chemical in your body that slows up the absorption of fat and sugar into your body. While this sounds great (and it is) the problem is that it is found in meaningful amounts in green tea, not black. The processing of black coffee before it gets to you usually removes most of the chlorogenic acid. But now you have a reason to drink a bit more green coffee.

  1. Finally, there is theobromine and theophylline.

Like chlorogenic acid, not all types of coffee will have these two chemical ingredients that will assist with your weight loss plan. Black coffee will contain theobromine, while green coffee will contain theophylline. They both perform the same function – stimulating your body to burn more calories. They both have the same effect, meaning one is not better than the other to use.

As you can see, coffee contains natural chemicals and compounds that help you lose weight. Not only don’t you have to give it up as a part of your weight loss regimen, when it’s over you can continue drinking coffee and exceed your long term weight loss goals.