Facts About Coffee and How it Can Cause Anxiety

There is a lot of debate about whether or not coffee is good for health. While many people believe that coffee must be bad for you, research shows drinking 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day could have very positive effects on your health. Unfortunately, research has also shown that excessive coffee drinking can produce harmful health effects. Many have concluded that three or four cups of java in a day could be considered extreme. Continue reading to discover the different results drinking coffee can have on your health.

Coffee is well known around the world for its effects as a stimulant. People drink coffee to make them feel more alert, focused, and awake. This is especially true if you’ve had a restless night. However, in vulnerable people, coffee can over stimulate the nervous system. This can cause anxiety symptoms as well as signs of irritability in some people. Over stimulation can inhibit your ability to deal with stress which makes the symptoms of anxiety even worse. Over a lengthy period, the constant over stimulation can lead to further health problems by exhausting the adrenal glands.

Besides learning that water is the answer to anxiety, you also need to know what the things you need to avoid. The first thing that you should avoid is drinking caffeinated drinks. Addictive stimulants such as a coffee can produce the symptoms of anxiety. You should also reduce your sugar intake and eat less processed or refined foods. And also reduce the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is the major cause of anxiety reactions. You also need to quit smoking if you are a smoker.

Drinking coffee can reduce the risk of developing gout in men. Gout can be painful and is commonly heralded by painful inflammation and swelling in the joints. The big toe is often the worst impacted area though it is possible for the ankles, knees, wrists, or fingers to be affected as well. This kind of inflammatory arthritis makes the joint seem hot and tender and can often appear as red and swollen. It’s thought that gout is caused by high levels of uric acid within the body, which is also linked to kidney stones. Research indicates that drinking coffee reduces the level of uric acid in the body.

Anemia or an iron deficiency often beset women who drink too much coffee according to research. Drinking too much coffee hampers the ability of the body to absorb iron properly. Our bodies need healthy levels of iron for many reasons. Not only does iron help to carry oxygen to the body and the lungs, but it’s also an integral part of many enzyme reactions. Iron is a vital factor for controlling infection within the body. It is these deficiencies that have the body acting at less than optimal performance levels. Anemia and constant fatigue are common results of prolonged iron deficiencies.

Do you often feel stressed out when you are at work? In this case, you should ask yourself how many cups of coffee you drink in a day. It has been observed that people who drink more coffee are bound to get stressed out easily compared to those who never drink coffee. This happens because caffeine helps in the secretion of hormones that raise the levels of anxiety, stress, and irritability which further leads to problems like indigestion and insomnia. Your coffee can also kill you by making you weak emotionally. People who are very sensitive may have problems like emotional disturbance if they drink more coffee. This happens because caffeine decreases the flow of blood to your brain and you start feeling depressed and lonely.

Experts believe that most cases of suicide around the world occurs because patients feel that they are alienated and under severe depression. Hence, coffee does have the power to kill you gradually.

The fact that coffee decreases the amount of blood that flows through your brain could lead to depression and feelings of loneliness, which are the most recognized silent causes of suicides attempts in the world.

As every other natural stimulant studies have proven that excessive coffee consumption could kill you, so make sure you don’t exaggerate with your daily caffeine dose.

In conclusion, it looks like drinking coffee in small amounts might have some value to your health. However, heavy coffee drinkers should be aware that there are also some negative health effects that could arise from drinking too much caffeine. Moderation is the key to getting a healthy balance.

5 Surprising Uses of coffee grounds

There is a tremendous quantity of homeowners that have placed a backyard garden in their yards. There are lots of advantages for you to get a backyard garden. One advantage is so that you can save hard earned cash by reaping your vegetables and fruits as an alternative to buying them at the food market. Another one is so that you can get some excellent physical exercise by tending your backyard garden. Horticulture is also a fantastic way to be environmentally friendly. A vast way that horticulture can help in this is by composting and re-purposing the leftovers from your vegetables and fruits in your backyard garden. Used coffee grounds can also be used within the backyard garden.

Used coffee grounds can serve a couple of different purposes when they are added to your garden. Coffee grounds are rich in nutrients such as nitrogen and tannic acid. This makes the coffee grounds perfect to use as fertilizer in your garden. It has been proven that the coffee grounds will help your plants to grow remarkably better than those without. Coffee grounds have been shown to work exceptionally well to fertilize roses. When coffee grounds are used, the roses seem to not only grow more substantial, but the colors in the blooms are also more vibrant.

The other advantage to using coffee grounds in your garden is that it works wonderfully as pest control. There are a lot of insects that will eat your plants and destroy your area if they are permitted to stay in your garden. It is best not to use chemicals to rid your area of the pests because the chemicals tend to be toxic to humans and animals. It is essential to be careful, so you do not introduce toxins to the water supply or the fruits and vegetables in your garden. Coffee grounds are a natural way to get rid of the unwanted pests that are in your area, and they will not do any harm to the ecosystem. Most of the insects have a real dislike for coffee, so they will leave your garden and find another place to dine. This will also deter cats from utilizing your area as a bathroom.

You might be surprised to learn that once you have enjoyed your cup of coffee from your bean to cup automatic machine, the spent coffee grounds that drop into the internal tray can be instrumental. Here are some ideas on how to put this waste to good use, saving money and providing natural alternatives.

In the garden

Slugs, snails, and ants do not like the smell of coffee so sprinkle your spent coffee around the base of your garden plants to save them keep them from hungry bugs.

Not only does it keep the bugs at bay, but your spent coffee is also an excellent natural fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulphur. Sprinkle around your plants or add some to your compost.

Still, in the garden or for indoor pots, plants that are yellowing due to a lack of the above minerals will be happy with a feed of spent ground coffee. My green thumb friends warn though not to get too carried away with plants that do not like acidity.

As an odor eater:

Dried ground coffee absorbs odors which give it a myriad of uses. Place dried ground coffee into a container or fabric bag and use in the fridges, cupboards or anywhere a bit on the nose! Don’t worry, once dried the coffee does not transmit its smell, so your clothes won’t smell of coffee.

This deodorizing effect is also useful for getting pungent food smells such as garlic and onions of your hands. Just rub the ground coffee on your hands and wash.

Pet Care:

Rubbed onto pets before washing, ground coffee helps to control fleas as well as being an exfoliant for their skin.

Around the home:

Treat scratches on dark furniture by painting a dense paste of coffee grounds and olive oil. After about 20 minutes, wipe away the paste. The dye from the coffee will color the scratch.

If you decide to use your used coffee grounds in your garden, the best time to introduce them is while the ground is wet, such as just after rain or after you have finished watering it. This will cause the grounds to release the nutrients into the soil slowly. This will be a great benefit to the health of your plants.

5 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is considered as one of the most popular drink in the world. So while a lot of coffee can play a role in your life, different health advantages are taken with coffee if it is devoured with some restraint. Here are 5 proven health benefits of coffee

Coffee reduces your danger to some health problems.

Many health advantages are connected with drinking coffee. This is on account of coffee contains two vital ingredients in particular caffeine and cancer prevention agents. Known not the body in repairing any harm the phones have experienced, cancer prevention agents are critical for human safety and health.

It is little wonder that this drink is just what most of us need to start our day right. A cup of coffee in the morning keeps the senses awake, gives one the urge to face another day, and as it is now emerging, it will, like the proverbial apple, keep the doctor away. The first of the health benefits of coffee is that it has depression busting effect and research shows that most people who drink coffee are less likely to encounter stress.

Coffee efficiently reduces the chances of Dementia.

Drinking coffee not just reduces your chances of health problems, it likewise reduces the chances of getting dementia when you become more seasoned. Studies have demonstrated that people who drink no less than some coffee regular have fewer chances of acquiring Dementia including Alzheimer’s malady.

Coffee effectively combats depression

Coffee is one of the best mediums through which you can battle depression in a viable way Enhancing Brain Function: The most recent scientific tests have demonstrated that overwhelming coffee drinkers, those people that drink 5-6 glasses each day have a reduced plausibility of acquiring Alzheimer’s malady than those people who drink 2-3 containers.

Coffee reduces the risks of stroke which is one of the leading concerns for people as they grow older. A study shows that in women, the chance of getting stroke is reduced by 25%. In medical terms, that is overwhelming because you will only have 75% to contend with. This was also established for males who smoke. Even though research is still going on, this is good news.

It can help to reduce weight.

Caffeine is a standout amongst the most widely recognized ingredient found in almost all fat burning supplement as it is demonstrated to help in the fat burning process efficiently. A few studies show that caffeine can help support the metabolic rate by approx. 3-11 for each penny. Further, as caffeine separates the muscle to fat ratio ratios, and discharges them into the blood as free unsaturated fats. The body then makes utilization of this as fuel, so an in some coffee before heading to the rec center can help you to reduce weight efficiently.

It can help you fight depression.

Mental depression and anxiety are something that influences a vastly more significant part of people on standard premise. Coffee is viable in helping people to battle depression in a highly improved and compelling way. According to a study distributed by Harvard in 2011, demonstrated that ladies who drank four or some coffee for each day had a 20 for every penny of a lower danger of becoming depressed

At last, it seems like coffee is not only good for quenching your thirst, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Research has at last established that there are many health benefits of coffee and that now coffee can do more good than harm. However, know that research on this is not over yet to establish that indeed, coffee drinkers can even increase their life expectancy. However, before you holler in joy and jump to go back for another cup of coffee, you had better read this. However, it does not take a genius to know that indeed coffee does have some significant health benefits. For example, it is rich in caffeine and antioxidants, both of which are great agents for anti-aging and other health benefits.

As much as there are many health benefits of coffee, it still not declared a miracle drink. Therefore, always remember that moderation is the key. If you drink coffee excessively, there is a significant chance that you could suffer cardiovascular complications. On the same note, caffeine is also addictive, and because it is a stimulant, you may experience from sleeplessness especially if you take more coffee at night. However, researchers now concede that the benefits of coffee outweigh the disadvantages. Go ahead and take it. Who knows? It could be your apple that will keep the doctor away.

How to Make a Cappuccino

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