How coffee beans are roasted

Coffee, initially when in the stage of being a green bean, is tough and bitter in smell and taste. So to transform the coffee from this to the aromatic brown coffee beans, roasting is an essential step. Roasting not only improves the smell and taste but removes toxins from the beans. Coffee begins as a fruit that is bright red in appearance. However, you cannot merely make coffee directly from this fruit. There are several stages that this fruit goes through before it is transformed into coffee beans. The coffee bean itself gets transported all throughout the world before it becomes the drinkable form of coffee that you frequently purchase at your local supermarket. For you to be able to drink the coffee, it must first be processed and then appropriately roasted.

There are two methods of roasting coffee that is widely used to transform the coffee bean into a drinkable cup of coffee. Both ways are equal in popularity all over the world; however, it is purely up to you which method you choose to use. The first popular method of roasting coffee is known as the stove top method, and the second method is known as the “hot air popcorn maker method.”

When it comes to the stovetop method, which is widely referred to as the old method, you will first need to place your frying pan on your stove. You will want to use the medium heat setting on your stove, and then place your beans inside the frying pan. The next thing that you will need to do is to stir the ingredients for roughly 15 minutes.

Once you start to notice that the beans have changed in color and they are either light or dark brown, you will then need to cool them immediately. Next, take the cooled beans and place them into a bowl. Stir them once again for about 7 to 10 minutes maximum. The actual roasting process will release CO2, so you will be required to let your stirred beans remain in the bowl for a minimum of 8-12 hours before you will be able to taste the finished product.

There I also the second method, which is the “hot air popcorn maker method.” Many coffee lovers have grown to appreciate this method. In this case, you will place the popper on your stove and place the desired amount of organic coffee beans inside. Next, you will position a kitchen bowl beneath the opening. You will then begin roasting your beans according to your desired taste. Some people like them to be lighter, while others prefer a darker roast.

Once you have finished roasting the coffee beans, you will then apply the same method of stirring them for 7 minutes. Just as with the other method, you will want to leave the beans alone for 8-12 hours to allow the CO2 to dissipate.

Tips to follow when buying Roasted Coffee

Labels – Every branded fresh roasted coffee has a label stamped with the date of roasting. To be precise, it is good to consume a hot drink within a fortnight from the date of roasting.

Best by Date – Disregard this traditional belief. It is very much possible that a few coffee manufactures will recommend you to consume the coffee within a year. However, this may not be entirely true. The fact remains that the coffee is still consumable, but its freshness may lose its supremeness.

Packaging – Special packaging is a great way to keep coffee beans in an improved state. Oxygen is detrimental to beans since oxidation affects the quality and triggers staleness. Beans compressed with nitrogen are relatively likely to be better than those encircled with natural air containing oxygen. The most suitable packaging that keeps coffee beans in their freshest form is the one-way valve bags. This special packaging allows air to exit but does not enable air to come into the bag.

Aroma – Thanks to your sense of smell, you can easily ensure whether the coffee beans are fresh or not. Ask yourself does it give out the fresh aroma. If you are familiar with the type of bean and roasting from previous consumption, try and identify any irregularities.

Store/Turnover – Some stores sell more a hot drink than others do. You can check on your own to ensure how time and again these stores sell out their inventory.

Ask Questions – Feel free to ask questions. Some well-thought-of specialty stores are rather knowledgeable and will not take offense when you ask specific questions about their products.