How To: Buying The Best Commercial Coffee Equipment for Your Café?

If you love to start your day with a coffee, we are sure you would know that you cannot do without it. However, some coffee aficionados’ want to take it to the next level, and open up their own café. How do you go about it then? For one, buying the right equipment from  kitchen equipment suppliers in UAE could seem a tad bit difficult.

How To: Buying The Best Commercial Coffee Equipment for Your Café?

Opening a cafe is definitely taxing but an exciting business idea. Once you are done selecting your location and collecting funds, the next step is to purchase a commercial coffee machine and other equipment. The equipment is going to be your most important investment because only when it will help you create high quality drinks, your customers will keep coming.

What all will you need?

It might come as a shock but you need seven equipment to make one cup of coffee. These include espresso coffee grinders, commercial coffee grinder, coffee brewer, commercial blender, refrigerators, dishwasher, and a water purifier. Even the slightest carelessness in selecting any one of the machines might get you into serious trouble.

  Points to remember while selecting these seven machines.

  1. Espresso coffee grinders

Since espresso and latte drinks are going to drive in majority of your business, you need an espresso coffee grinder that grinds the coffee beans into fine, equal-sized particles.

  1. Commercial coffee grinders

You will need a commercial coffee grinder for those who love plain black coffee for their daily caffeine intake. Aroma is what counts, so make sure you purchase one that brings out the flavor and fragrance of the coffee beans. Go for an automated coffee grinder as you can make multiple cups of coffee at a time, unlike manual grinder, which also needs your complete attention.

  1. Coffee brewer

One coffee brewer is enough for your coffee shop as no more than 30 percent customers will ask for regular drip coffee.

  1. Commercial blender

Frozen espresso coffee drinks have become go-to drinks in today’s time, so you’ll need at least a couple blender for making them. Make sure to buy blenders with covers as they reduce noise considerably.

  1. Refrigerators

Choose any type of refrigerator you want between one or two door, commercial, and under the counter refrigerator but make sure it is approved by National Sanitation Foundation. Also, keep a commercial refrigerator in the pantry or storage room for storing milk.

  1. Dishwasher

A dishwasher is one of the most essential coffee equipment because people prefer to drink espresso and latte out of a real coffee mug and not paper cups. Keeping a 15-years old on salary for constantly washing the cups is expensive in the long run, so invest in a heavy-duty dishwasher.

  1. Water purifier

If your water has high amounts of minerals, you’ll espresso machine will be ruined beyond repair. First test the water quality and buy a purifier accordingly.

Where to find these equipment?

You can buy all the equipment from two places – supply store and second hand electronics store. The first option is obviously the best one because you get fresh machines with at least two years of warranty. You will find everything you need at one place.

  However, if you are low on capital, you will have to go to the second hand electronics store. Unfortunately, there will be no warranty or guarantee on these equipment and you should know that you are literally buying a time bomb. It can break down any time and the repair might cost you more than the amount at which you bought the machine. The choice is completely yours and whatever you buy, make sure that the machines make the best coffee in town.

Things to remember while selecting the coffee equipment

  1. Customer service

When you buy a brand new coffee equipment, you get 12 months of warranty and 12 free, check-ups. Some companies offer special features when you buy during the festive season, which include free one-year servicing as long as you don’t need part replacement.

  1. Repairing and service cost

In case you are buying a second hand model, you need to check with the store how much servicing costs. Normally, it costs between $150 to $200 for each machine. Ask yourself if you are ready to pay Around $1500 every three months for servicing.

  1. Cleaning routines and techniques

New machines come with a manual that tell you how to clean them but if you are buying a second hand one, ask your supplier about it. If you think the technique is too long or the routine is too frequent, you might need to reconsider your decision.

Why should you choose Black tea Over Coffee

When you wake up in the morning and feel lazy, you may demand a cup of coffee. Though drinking coffee recharges you for a day, it may cause problems in other ways. It may raise possibilities of staining teeth, rise in blood pressure and cause hindrance for absorption of certain minerals and vitamins in the body. That is why it is wise to switch over to black tea. Drinking black organic black tea within permissible limits can offer several health benefits to your body. Other than being refreshed, it builds a healthy immune system for you.

Why should you choose Black Black tea Over Coffee

Black tea produces a pleasant taste when brewed correctly. Other than refreshing the mind, this drink caters to different needs of the body.

Black tea Stimulates Body for a Long Time

Many people believe that black tea contains a lesser amount of caffeine than coffee while the quantity remains the same. In reality, both kinds of beverages contain the corresponding traces of caffeine. Both black tea and coffee are stimulants. It means that these beverages provide a big rush of caffeine. However, a study has proved that the duration of stimulation offered by coffee is lesser than black tea. That is why you should buy black tea and start having it regularly if you want to keep yourself energized throughout the day.

Black tea Keeps Body Hydrated

Black tea not only produces incredible flavor for the refreshing mind, but it can also keep your body hydrated. While you are out on a hot summer day, you will sweat a lot. Drinking hot or cold black tea can replenish fluids that are lost through sweating. Because of hydration, the intake of black tea keeps your skin glow. Therefore, start buying black tea online and make your persona bright and charming.

Black tea Makes You Feel Great

The amounts of antioxidants in black tea are more than the presence in coffee. Antioxidants keep your body energized for a long time. Also, these compounds help you feel great. That is why it is advisable to drink it regularly.

Black tea Keeps Teeth Healthy

Drinking coffee for a long time may result in the development of stains on teeth. However, drinking black tea will not lead to the discoloration of teeth. When you drink a reasonable amount of black tea, it also acts as a source of fluorides that keeps your teeth strong and healthy.

Black tea Can Act As Fat Burner

A recent study has proved that consuming black tea regularly can help a person in attaining weight loss. However, the infusion of the black tea should not contain any sugar. Drinking black tea allows the body to perform metabolic activities correctly. Coffee cannot be consumed without adding sugar, as it tastes bitter. The addition of sugar means putting extra calories, where possibilities of deposition of fat increase. That is why buy black tea if you want to stay slim and fit.

Black tea Protects Bones

A recent study has concluded that people drinking it regularly maintain healthy bones. Catechins found in black tea are more than coffee. Therefore, these compounds check chances of osteoporosis in a significant manner.

Black tea Makes Immune System Strong

You may often contract with the flu. The symptoms make you feel uneasy, and you feel pain while swallowing and much more. However, drinking black tea provides comfort to your throat and helps to flush out the virus from your body. It is not that you will enjoy the benefit in one day, but, you can feel the difference within a few days. Therefore, purchase black tea online and develop the habit of drinking it regularly. In this way, you can build a shield for your body.

Black tea Reduces Stress

One of the advantages of drinking black tea is that it can reduce stress significantly. When you sit with your friends or family members with cups of black tea, you engage in various talks. The conversation allows you to keep your mind away from rioting with your daily task. This way, consuming black tea eliminates stress from your mind. Also, black tea contains anti-depressants in substantial quantity than coffee. These compounds also help maintain sleep cycle in proper order. Maintaining adequate sleep also keeps your mind fresh and active.

When compared to coffee, it offers more health benefits. Black tea should be consumed on a regular basis to keep metabolic activities run smooth. Ensuring proper level of metabolism helps overcome weight-gain issues. Also, drinking black tea reduces chances of osteoporosis and keeps bones in appropriate shape and condition.

8 Ways Coffee Helps in Weight loss

If you have ever experienced that “buzz” after drinking a cup of coffee, then you are probably unaware that the feeling can actually be connected to the weight loss effects coffee has been proven to have. Losing weight is sometimes difficult to do because you have to give up many of your favorite foods. The good news is that you don’t have to include coffee on that list.

The weight loss characteristics of coffee can go from the simple to the chemically complex. Here we will start with the commonly understood properties of coffee and finish with the somewhat more complicated facts. Both will help you understand why you can keep your coffee on a diet and even include it as a part of your weight loss regimen. Keep in mind that coffee in and of itself is not a weight loss regimen, but it does have ingredients that will work with the rest of your diet regimen to shed a few more pounds.

  1. Black coffee (hold the cream and sugar please) is healthier than virtually every other drink expect water.

We all love our sugars, whether they come from natural sources such as fruits or from the cane. When it comes to black coffee, you can use it in moderation to help you drop a few unwanted pounds. As they say, too much of a good thing is bad for you, so you should limit the amount you drink to two, maybe three, cups a day. Over-drinkers know that you can suffer from insomnia, which will stress you out and then inhibit weight loss. Also, those heart palpitations you feel are not burning off any meaningful number of calories and can cause more problems.

  1. As a way to curb your appetite.

This is not 100% but there is some research that reports that people who drink coffee don’t feel the need to eat and actually feel fuller after a cup or two of jo. The current view is that the effect is biological because caffeine has been known to make people’s palates feel satisfied for longer than many foods. You may relate to chocolate in this way since most chocolates contain a certain amount of caffeine. But coffee is obviously a better weight loss choice.

  1. As a diuretic.

Caffeine has been known to be a diuretic since the days of colas, which is why nutritionists and doctors warn against drinking too much soda. A diuretic works by causing your kidneys to release more sodium (salt) into your urine. Since salt absorbs water, you end up losing fluids in your urine with the additional sodium. There is a point where the amount of water you are drinking from the soda is removed from your body, making you even thirstier than you were before you started drinking. There may be some amount of your weight that can be lost through coffee, but it should be thought of more as a way to prevent adding water weight during your diet.

  1. By increasing the body’s metabolism.

Many people have heard about metabolism, but what exactly is it? The simplest way to understand it is the chemical processes that go on all the time that keep you moving. Specific to weight loss, the important part to remember is it affects how fast your body converts food and fat into usable body energy. The faster the conversion, the more calories your burn. The ingredient in coffee that increases metabolism? Caffeine. Its effect peaks after about three hours, which is why when people overdo it they feel all drug out. You should feel better with your weight loss regimen, not more tired.

  1. It’s an adrenaline pump.

The technical word for adrenaline is epinephrine, but most people know of this chemical hormone as adrenaline. If you have ever seen a medical show on TV you definitely have heard the word. What it does is chemically shock your body and bring you to a heightened state of alertness. To accomplish this chemical feat it requires that your body burn more calories by converting fat cells into energy, and that is where you can lose some wright.

  1. Thermogenesis.

We now wade into more scientific terms. This is actually easy to understand. Most of us know “thermo” has to do with heat, and “genesis” refers to the beginning of something. Thermogenesis is the process where the body produces heat, which is done by burning calories. The higher the thermogenesis rate of your biology, the more calories you burn.

  1. Chlorogenic acid.

Most of what has appeared on this list has to do with burning calories and slightly accelerating body processes. Cholrogenic acid is a chemical in your body that slows up the absorption of fat and sugar into your body. While this sounds great (and it is) the problem is that it is found in meaningful amounts in green tea, not black. The processing of black coffee before it gets to you usually removes most of the chlorogenic acid. But now you have a reason to drink a bit more green coffee.

  1. Finally, there is theobromine and theophylline.

Like chlorogenic acid, not all types of coffee will have these two chemical ingredients that will assist with your weight loss plan. Black coffee will contain theobromine, while green coffee will contain theophylline. They both perform the same function – stimulating your body to burn more calories. They both have the same effect, meaning one is not better than the other to use.

As you can see, coffee contains natural chemicals and compounds that help you lose weight. Not only don’t you have to give it up as a part of your weight loss regimen, when it’s over you can continue drinking coffee and exceed your long term weight loss goals.

8 Reasons why coffee is good for you

Do you love to drink coffee? Does drinking a cup of coffee jump-start your day or kick-starts your brain? Perhaps you want to prepare for your upcoming exam, and you need extra energy. Or maybe you want to give your metabolism a boost. A cup of coffee can help you get that extra boost of energy if you drink in moderation. Most people think that coffee can relax and smooth your troubled and achy mind. The coffee industry has grown tremendously over the last few years. While relaxing you, you also get some health benefits as well.

1 – Awakening Effect.

Although the energy that it gives is short-term and limited, getting caffeine from coffee is the safest and most convenient way to stay awake. So if you see a nurse or doctor wearing scrubs uniform with coffee stain, you know the reason. However, coffee brings more benefits than shake up sleepy people.

2 – Athletic Boost.

Caffeine helps fight fatigue by stimulating the nervous system. In drinking 2 cups of coffee a day, one will get a boost in athletic performance. Perhaps, it is one reason why you can see scrubs uniform dashing to and fro even at the wee hours; nurses get their most needed boost. Beware with too much coffee intake, though. It can give you an uneasy feeling, get faster heart rate, and make your muscles quiver, especially in the face area.

3 – Dental Care.

The coffee stain in your teeth may not make you look nice at all. However, coffee contains trigonelline, the antibacterial compound that doesn’t only give its wonderful aroma but may also protect against dental caries. Brushing your teeth after every cup or rinsing with water should make your smile shimmery while keeping tooth decay away.

4 – Ease Pain.

The health benefits if caffeine continues down with handling pain. It helps ease a headache, which makes it a common ingredient in headache relievers. Studies also show that caffeine can retard Parkinson’s disease.

5 – Weight Loss.

Whether you want to fit in your old smaller sized Dickies scrubs or you want a look and feel good about yourself, coffee is one of the best drinks that you should regularly have in your diet. Coffee can speed up metabolism, and best taken after a meal. A cup of coffee can also burn up to 50 calories in four hours, even while merely busy charting.

6 – Cure for cancer

Coffee drinking has been known to decrease the risk of certain types of cancer. For example, coffee drinkers are 50 percent less likely to get liver cancer than those who abstain from the drink. Various other studies have shown coffee also reduces the risk of oral, esophageal, pharyngeal, colon and rectal cancer.

7 – Prevent Diabetes

There’s also information that suggests coffee drinking helps prevent type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Coffee is believed to have chemicals that lower blood sugar, along with antioxidants that reduce inflammation and protect blood vessel walls.

8 – Reduce risks of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases

Coffee also seems to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease, in men anyhow. Women don’t share this benefit, which, according to some researches, may be due to estrogen. Moderate coffee drinkers also have a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia later in life. In fact, the studies showed that the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease was reduced very significantly in coffee drinkers.

Nonetheless, coffee can have some negative effects. For those who drink coffee very regularly, caffeine addiction can and often does occur. Also, too much caffeine can lead to anxiety and sleeping disturbances. However, the key to avoiding these less pleasant effects is simple: Drink coffee in moderation. Also, don’t drink coffee right before you’re about to go to bed. Use common sense. After all, when consumed at a reasonable yet regular rate, it appears that coffee does a lot of good.

In fact, because coffee makes the drinker more alert, it can also contribute to, on some occasions, safety. For instance, when driving. Driving while sleepy causes more injury and death than drinking and driving. It’s a very serious problem, but a hard one to avoid with our busy lifestyles. A cup of coffee in the morning can rid you of drowsiness very quickly. This way, by the time you’re on the road, the caffeine will have kicked in, keeping you alert and safe on the road.

Ultimately, coffee, while it can be over-consumed, still has an abundance of benefits that make it a good habit. So if you’re one of many people who drink coffee regularly (a cup or a few small cups a day), don’t worry about it. And if you’re especially health-conscious, consider buying organic coffee, which may be even healthier because it’s grown chemical-free.

How coffee beans are roasted

Coffee, initially when in the stage of being a green bean, is tough and bitter in smell and taste. So to transform the coffee from this to the aromatic brown coffee beans, roasting is an essential step. Roasting not only improves the smell and taste but removes toxins from the beans. Coffee begins as a fruit that is bright red in appearance. However, you cannot merely make coffee directly from this fruit. There are several stages that this fruit goes through before it is transformed into coffee beans. The coffee bean itself gets transported all throughout the world before it becomes the drinkable form of coffee that you frequently purchase at your local supermarket. For you to be able to drink the coffee, it must first be processed and then appropriately roasted.

There are two methods of roasting coffee that is widely used to transform the coffee bean into a drinkable cup of coffee. Both ways are equal in popularity all over the world; however, it is purely up to you which method you choose to use. The first popular method of roasting coffee is known as the stove top method, and the second method is known as the “hot air popcorn maker method.”

When it comes to the stovetop method, which is widely referred to as the old method, you will first need to place your frying pan on your stove. You will want to use the medium heat setting on your stove, and then place your beans inside the frying pan. The next thing that you will need to do is to stir the ingredients for roughly 15 minutes.

Once you start to notice that the beans have changed in color and they are either light or dark brown, you will then need to cool them immediately. Next, take the cooled beans and place them into a bowl. Stir them once again for about 7 to 10 minutes maximum. The actual roasting process will release CO2, so you will be required to let your stirred beans remain in the bowl for a minimum of 8-12 hours before you will be able to taste the finished product.

There I also the second method, which is the “hot air popcorn maker method.” Many coffee lovers have grown to appreciate this method. In this case, you will place the popper on your stove and place the desired amount of organic coffee beans inside. Next, you will position a kitchen bowl beneath the opening. You will then begin roasting your beans according to your desired taste. Some people like them to be lighter, while others prefer a darker roast.

Once you have finished roasting the coffee beans, you will then apply the same method of stirring them for 7 minutes. Just as with the other method, you will want to leave the beans alone for 8-12 hours to allow the CO2 to dissipate.

Tips to follow when buying Roasted Coffee

Labels – Every branded fresh roasted coffee has a label stamped with the date of roasting. To be precise, it is good to consume a hot drink within a fortnight from the date of roasting.

Best by Date – Disregard this traditional belief. It is very much possible that a few coffee manufactures will recommend you to consume the coffee within a year. However, this may not be entirely true. The fact remains that the coffee is still consumable, but its freshness may lose its supremeness.

Packaging – Special packaging is a great way to keep coffee beans in an improved state. Oxygen is detrimental to beans since oxidation affects the quality and triggers staleness. Beans compressed with nitrogen are relatively likely to be better than those encircled with natural air containing oxygen. The most suitable packaging that keeps coffee beans in their freshest form is the one-way valve bags. This special packaging allows air to exit but does not enable air to come into the bag.

Aroma – Thanks to your sense of smell, you can easily ensure whether the coffee beans are fresh or not. Ask yourself does it give out the fresh aroma. If you are familiar with the type of bean and roasting from previous consumption, try and identify any irregularities.

Store/Turnover – Some stores sell more a hot drink than others do. You can check on your own to ensure how time and again these stores sell out their inventory.

Ask Questions – Feel free to ask questions. Some well-thought-of specialty stores are rather knowledgeable and will not take offense when you ask specific questions about their products.


Can coffee make you fat?

A living being depends highly on nature. Natural resources like trees, vegetables, are very much necessary for all types of living being. Some find food from the trees, and some also find shelter for themselves. Therefore, as per the difference in the necessity, the living beings depends on the trees. It’s a great combination. A person, in the same way, is highly dependent on trees and vegetables. We collect our food from trees. On the other hand, we also cultivate crops so that we can gather the required food grains. These grains are not only used to provide us with a healthy body by providing energy, but also these are very much helpful to overcome some diseases or health hazards as well.

Obesity, in the present context, is a crucial health problem. It is not confined to a limited area but is affecting people across the globe. This is a high threatening to the human beings. However, there are limited scopes to overcome this problem. A person, suffering from obesity, can take a few steps to deal with this problem. Taking medicines may not be effective for most of the persons. On the other hand, the causative agents of obesity also determine some crucial points regarding getting a cure from this problem. However, herbs like Boresha Coffee can help you in this regard. By taking coffee at a regular interval in the daytime, you can fight against obesity very well. This provides tremendous benefits. You would be overwhelmed by observing the advantages, and one can attain by taking coffee.

People, however, may have a misconception regarding the effects of coffee. One can tell that taking coffee is not a healthy practice. However, this may be a complicated issue. Every ingredient may cause good or bad results as per the conditions. Therefore, you have to know that the purpose of taking coffee matters more. If you are taking coffee being addicted to the ingredient then it may be harmful but, if you take coffee as a substitute for medications, then it may be helpful to you. Therefore, those who want to get rid of from obesity can easily take creamy as medication for obesity. It will then not be an addictive beverage. Therefore, the objective of taking coffee matters more in getting results.

Coffee is considered a social beverage also. Many societies used to take coffee as a healthy and social beverage. They know various ways to make use of coffee. Unlike other herbs coffee is also an important herb that can be used as a medicine. Obesity though, is a great health hazard, practicing coffee taking can help one to get rid of from this severe problem which, leads to varied complexities. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that the way one uses coffee is the important point regarding getting the desired result. It’s a great opportunity for the persons, suffering from obesity, to overcome this complex health issue without employing much effort. However, you need to use it as medicine, not as an addictive beverage. Otherwise, there is a great possibility of getting the side effects instead of getting the benefits obtainable from coffee.

Coffee will never make you fat it is one of the healthiest drink to take has it has antioxidants components that fight the damage causing radicals that lead to inflammation in the body. One of the significant advantages of drinking coffee is it helps you lose weight by improving the body sensitivity to insulin. This is important for a healthy metabolism and aids in preventing type 2 diabetes. The caffeine components in coffee have also been associated with increasing the athletic performance and the working capacity of an individual. In the recent study conducted shown that athletes supplemented with caffeine before they go for a workout have shown increased strength.

Some people may not benefit from coffee and if so you should stop taking it. I have used coffee for some time now and can give a testimony that it works wonders and am a believer that coffee will help you ban fat, but some other facts make individuals look for alternatives. If your body is sensitive to caffeine, you should try using decaf or steeped green tea. If you are taking prescription drugs I would recommend you avoid coffee or to the women who have a high risk of osteoporosis should avoid coffee.

It is high time the world changes how they view coffee and the stigmatic associated with coffee as it will help you lose fat. But if you take coffee with sugar or artificial sweeteners and creams, then you should be worried about getting fat. I would recommend that you take a plain coffee to get the magic of fat loss, but if you need that sweetness, then I recommend use natural coconut oil or the stevia as from this you can be sure that coffee will never get you fat so go and grab a morning cup.

Facts About Coffee and How it Can Cause Anxiety

There is a lot of debate about whether or not coffee is good for health. While many people believe that coffee must be bad for you, research shows drinking 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day could have very positive effects on your health. Unfortunately, research has also shown that excessive coffee drinking can produce harmful health effects. Many have concluded that three or four cups of java in a day could be considered extreme. Continue reading to discover the different results drinking coffee can have on your health.

Coffee is well known around the world for its effects as a stimulant. People drink coffee to make them feel more alert, focused, and awake. This is especially true if you’ve had a restless night. However, in vulnerable people, coffee can over stimulate the nervous system. This can cause anxiety symptoms as well as signs of irritability in some people. Over stimulation can inhibit your ability to deal with stress which makes the symptoms of anxiety even worse. Over a lengthy period, the constant over stimulation can lead to further health problems by exhausting the adrenal glands.

Besides learning that water is the answer to anxiety, you also need to know what the things you need to avoid. The first thing that you should avoid is drinking caffeinated drinks. Addictive stimulants such as a coffee can produce the symptoms of anxiety. You should also reduce your sugar intake and eat less processed or refined foods. And also reduce the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is the major cause of anxiety reactions. You also need to quit smoking if you are a smoker.

Drinking coffee can reduce the risk of developing gout in men. Gout can be painful and is commonly heralded by painful inflammation and swelling in the joints. The big toe is often the worst impacted area though it is possible for the ankles, knees, wrists, or fingers to be affected as well. This kind of inflammatory arthritis makes the joint seem hot and tender and can often appear as red and swollen. It’s thought that gout is caused by high levels of uric acid within the body, which is also linked to kidney stones. Research indicates that drinking coffee reduces the level of uric acid in the body.

Anemia or an iron deficiency often beset women who drink too much coffee according to research. Drinking too much coffee hampers the ability of the body to absorb iron properly. Our bodies need healthy levels of iron for many reasons. Not only does iron help to carry oxygen to the body and the lungs, but it’s also an integral part of many enzyme reactions. Iron is a vital factor for controlling infection within the body. It is these deficiencies that have the body acting at less than optimal performance levels. Anemia and constant fatigue are common results of prolonged iron deficiencies.

Do you often feel stressed out when you are at work? In this case, you should ask yourself how many cups of coffee you drink in a day. It has been observed that people who drink more coffee are bound to get stressed out easily compared to those who never drink coffee. This happens because caffeine helps in the secretion of hormones that raise the levels of anxiety, stress, and irritability which further leads to problems like indigestion and insomnia. Your coffee can also kill you by making you weak emotionally. People who are very sensitive may have problems like emotional disturbance if they drink more coffee. This happens because caffeine decreases the flow of blood to your brain and you start feeling depressed and lonely.

Experts believe that most cases of suicide around the world occurs because patients feel that they are alienated and under severe depression. Hence, coffee does have the power to kill you gradually.

The fact that coffee decreases the amount of blood that flows through your brain could lead to depression and feelings of loneliness, which are the most recognized silent causes of suicides attempts in the world.

As every other natural stimulant studies have proven that excessive coffee consumption could kill you, so make sure you don’t exaggerate with your daily caffeine dose.

In conclusion, it looks like drinking coffee in small amounts might have some value to your health. However, heavy coffee drinkers should be aware that there are also some negative health effects that could arise from drinking too much caffeine. Moderation is the key to getting a healthy balance.

5 Surprising Uses of coffee grounds

There is a tremendous quantity of homeowners that have placed a backyard garden in their yards. There are lots of advantages for you to get a backyard garden. One advantage is so that you can save hard earned cash by reaping your vegetables and fruits as an alternative to buying them at the food market. Another one is so that you can get some excellent physical exercise by tending your backyard garden. Horticulture is also a fantastic way to be environmentally friendly. A vast way that horticulture can help in this is by composting and re-purposing the leftovers from your vegetables and fruits in your backyard garden. Used coffee grounds can also be used within the backyard garden.

Used coffee grounds can serve a couple of different purposes when they are added to your garden. Coffee grounds are rich in nutrients such as nitrogen and tannic acid. This makes the coffee grounds perfect to use as fertilizer in your garden. It has been proven that the coffee grounds will help your plants to grow remarkably better than those without. Coffee grounds have been shown to work exceptionally well to fertilize roses. When coffee grounds are used, the roses seem to not only grow more substantial, but the colors in the blooms are also more vibrant.

The other advantage to using coffee grounds in your garden is that it works wonderfully as pest control. There are a lot of insects that will eat your plants and destroy your area if they are permitted to stay in your garden. It is best not to use chemicals to rid your area of the pests because the chemicals tend to be toxic to humans and animals. It is essential to be careful, so you do not introduce toxins to the water supply or the fruits and vegetables in your garden. Coffee grounds are a natural way to get rid of the unwanted pests that are in your area, and they will not do any harm to the ecosystem. Most of the insects have a real dislike for coffee, so they will leave your garden and find another place to dine. This will also deter cats from utilizing your area as a bathroom.

You might be surprised to learn that once you have enjoyed your cup of coffee from your bean to cup automatic machine, the spent coffee grounds that drop into the internal tray can be instrumental. Here are some ideas on how to put this waste to good use, saving money and providing natural alternatives.

In the garden

Slugs, snails, and ants do not like the smell of coffee so sprinkle your spent coffee around the base of your garden plants to save them keep them from hungry bugs.

Not only does it keep the bugs at bay, but your spent coffee is also an excellent natural fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulphur. Sprinkle around your plants or add some to your compost.

Still, in the garden or for indoor pots, plants that are yellowing due to a lack of the above minerals will be happy with a feed of spent ground coffee. My green thumb friends warn though not to get too carried away with plants that do not like acidity.

As an odor eater:

Dried ground coffee absorbs odors which give it a myriad of uses. Place dried ground coffee into a container or fabric bag and use in the fridges, cupboards or anywhere a bit on the nose! Don’t worry, once dried the coffee does not transmit its smell, so your clothes won’t smell of coffee.

This deodorizing effect is also useful for getting pungent food smells such as garlic and onions of your hands. Just rub the ground coffee on your hands and wash.

Pet Care:

Rubbed onto pets before washing, ground coffee helps to control fleas as well as being an exfoliant for their skin.

Around the home:

Treat scratches on dark furniture by painting a dense paste of coffee grounds and olive oil. After about 20 minutes, wipe away the paste. The dye from the coffee will color the scratch.

If you decide to use your used coffee grounds in your garden, the best time to introduce them is while the ground is wet, such as just after rain or after you have finished watering it. This will cause the grounds to release the nutrients into the soil slowly. This will be a great benefit to the health of your plants.

5 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is considered as one of the most popular drink in the world. So while a lot of coffee can play a role in your life, different health advantages are taken with coffee if it is devoured with some restraint. Here are 5 proven health benefits of coffee

Coffee reduces your danger to some health problems.

Many health advantages are connected with drinking coffee. This is on account of coffee contains two vital ingredients in particular caffeine and cancer prevention agents. Known not the body in repairing any harm the phones have experienced, cancer prevention agents are critical for human safety and health.

It is little wonder that this drink is just what most of us need to start our day right. A cup of coffee in the morning keeps the senses awake, gives one the urge to face another day, and as it is now emerging, it will, like the proverbial apple, keep the doctor away. The first of the health benefits of coffee is that it has depression busting effect and research shows that most people who drink coffee are less likely to encounter stress.

Coffee efficiently reduces the chances of Dementia.

Drinking coffee not just reduces your chances of health problems, it likewise reduces the chances of getting dementia when you become more seasoned. Studies have demonstrated that people who drink no less than some coffee regular have fewer chances of acquiring Dementia including Alzheimer’s malady.

Coffee effectively combats depression

Coffee is one of the best mediums through which you can battle depression in a viable way Enhancing Brain Function: The most recent scientific tests have demonstrated that overwhelming coffee drinkers, those people that drink 5-6 glasses each day have a reduced plausibility of acquiring Alzheimer’s malady than those people who drink 2-3 containers.

Coffee reduces the risks of stroke which is one of the leading concerns for people as they grow older. A study shows that in women, the chance of getting stroke is reduced by 25%. In medical terms, that is overwhelming because you will only have 75% to contend with. This was also established for males who smoke. Even though research is still going on, this is good news.

It can help to reduce weight.

Caffeine is a standout amongst the most widely recognized ingredient found in almost all fat burning supplement as it is demonstrated to help in the fat burning process efficiently. A few studies show that caffeine can help support the metabolic rate by approx. 3-11 for each penny. Further, as caffeine separates the muscle to fat ratio ratios, and discharges them into the blood as free unsaturated fats. The body then makes utilization of this as fuel, so an in some coffee before heading to the rec center can help you to reduce weight efficiently.

It can help you fight depression.

Mental depression and anxiety are something that influences a vastly more significant part of people on standard premise. Coffee is viable in helping people to battle depression in a highly improved and compelling way. According to a study distributed by Harvard in 2011, demonstrated that ladies who drank four or some coffee for each day had a 20 for every penny of a lower danger of becoming depressed

At last, it seems like coffee is not only good for quenching your thirst, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Research has at last established that there are many health benefits of coffee and that now coffee can do more good than harm. However, know that research on this is not over yet to establish that indeed, coffee drinkers can even increase their life expectancy. However, before you holler in joy and jump to go back for another cup of coffee, you had better read this. However, it does not take a genius to know that indeed coffee does have some significant health benefits. For example, it is rich in caffeine and antioxidants, both of which are great agents for anti-aging and other health benefits.

As much as there are many health benefits of coffee, it still not declared a miracle drink. Therefore, always remember that moderation is the key. If you drink coffee excessively, there is a significant chance that you could suffer cardiovascular complications. On the same note, caffeine is also addictive, and because it is a stimulant, you may experience from sleeplessness especially if you take more coffee at night. However, researchers now concede that the benefits of coffee outweigh the disadvantages. Go ahead and take it. Who knows? It could be your apple that will keep the doctor away.

How to Make a Cappuccino

The first thing we look up to every morning is our refreshing cup of coffee. Making good coffee requires proper coffee equipment and the right technique. This video shows you how you can make your own cafe quality cappuccino at home.